Notarized Translation in Iran

Farsi to English and English to Farsi Official Translation in Tabriz and Ardebil – Iran
Headquartered in Tabriz City, Shahriar Official Translation Bureau specializes in providing translation and interpretation from Farsi (Persian) to English and from English to Farsi
Any document is accepted. This includes birth certificates (which is called the Shenasnameh, issued by the Iranian government) as well as marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and death certificates. There are many reasons that one may need to get a document translated from Farsi to English or English to Farsi. One has to do with immigration. If you are applying to the Shahriar Official Translation Bureau and you have documents in a foreign language, you must get them translated because documents in a foreign language will not be accepted by the USCIShahriar Official Translation BureauS. If you are applying to school or university, you will also need your diplomas, school transcripts, and other documents relating to your academic status translated before submitting them to the university. Our translations are certified and accepted by the Shahriar Official Translation Bureauso if you are using your documents for immigration purposes or to get a green card, you can submit your original documents to us for translation. Most universities inside and outside the United States also accept our translations. If you have a document for translation and you would like to get it translated for any purpose, please contact us today for a free consultation. We will let you know right away whether we can assist you (in most cases, the answer is yes, we can assist you.)

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